Boron Plus

The highly concentrated Boron foliar fertilizer buffering the pH-value of the spray solution into the slightly acidic level. Due to its integrated Water-Softener-Complex, it is effective up to 40° dH (degree of water hardness).

Boron Plus


% w/w g/l
5 N Nitrogen 70
13 P2O5 Phosphate 183
7.7 B Boron 108
0.05 Cu Copper 0.7
0.1 Fe Iron 1.4
0.05 Mn Manganese 0.7
0.05 Zn Zinc 0.7
0.001 Mo Molybdenum 0.014

Key Benefits

  • significantly higher boron efficiency due to the penetrant effect of nitrogen and phosphorus
  • highly efficient and easy to handle
  • further improved buffering of the spray solution into the slightly acidic range (pH 6.5)
  • improves resistance to drought stress of young agricultural crop plants (e. g. 6 - 10 leaf stage)
  • guarantees phosphate supply via the leaf under unfavorable conditions such as cold spring, drought periods etc.
  • well compatible with many pesticides
  • applicable in hard water up to 40° dH (degree of water hardness)
  • increased boron and phosphorus content
  • may partly substitute oil


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