Terios Zn

Innovative micronutrient seed treatment suspension for rice and corn.

Terios Zn


% w/w g/l
7.5 N Nitrogen 102
2.5 SO3 Sulphur 34.25
0.2 B Boron 2.74
1.5 Cu Copper 20.55
0.5 Mn Manganese 6.85
0.1 Mo Molybdenum 1.37
4 Zn Zinc 54.8

Key Benefits

  • all nutrients are fully plant-available
  • improved seedling vitality and health
  • promotes early plant growth under stress conditions
  • supports germination and more uniform seedling development
  • fully chelated cationic micronutrients - no binding to soil
  • even distribution on the seed surface
  • improved covering and adhesion of nutrients on the seed
  • particularly indicated for cereals with higher Zn need (Rice and Corn)
  • excellent crop safety
  • may improve the benefit of certain pesticide seed treatment products


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