Ascofol Ca

Natural seaweed suspension rich in Calcium and Boron, improves resistance to biotic and abiotic stress and enhances post-harvest shelf-life and overall fruit quality.

Ascofol Ca


% w/w g/l
15 CaO Calcium 210
0.9 B Boron 12.6

Key Benefits

  • premium quality seaweed suspension
  • improves plant health and growth under stress conditions
  • stimulates natural plant defense against pathogens
  • high calcium content reduces or prevents calcium deficiency disorders
  • exerts synergistic activity of bio-active ingredients with specific mineral nutrients
  • promotes storage quality and shelf life of fruit & vegetables
  • promotion of fruit colour under unfavourable conditions
  • improves efficacy of pesticides and herbicides
  • remarkable force of adhesion to fruit and foliage


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