Top P

The foliar fertilizer for all crops with increased Phosphate requirements for quick correction of acute P-deficiencies.

Top P


% w/w g/l
5 N Nitrogen 64
20 P2O5 Phosphate 256
5 K2O Potassium 64
0.01 B Boron 0.128
0.004 Cu Copper 0.051
0.02 Fe Iron 0.256
0.012 Mn Manganese 0.153
0.001 Mo Molybdenum 0.013
0.004 Zn Zinc 0.051

Key Benefits

  • particularly suitable for hard water
  • can be applied with all usual HV and LV spraying and sprinkling equipment
  • nutrients readily available to plants
  • high crop safety
  • superchelation improves the water quality of the spray solution
  • pH-regulation / high buffering capacity
  • well-balanced content of fully chelated micronutrients
  • nitrogen and potassium contents in conformity with plant requirements to prevent an unbalanced phosphate nutrition
  • very high phosphate content
  • compatible with most commonly used pesticides


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