Highly concentrated Nitrogen solution enriched with Sulphur and micronutrients to support protein synthesis in wheat, oilseed rape and sugar beet.



% w/w g/l
15 N Nitrogen 198
0.01 B Boron 0.132
0.004 Cu Copper 0.052
0.02 Fe Iron 0.264
0.012 Mn Manganese 0.158
0.001 Mo Molybdenum 0.013
0.004 Zn Zinc 0.052
52.5 SO3 Sulphur 693

Key Benefits

  • highly concentrated fluid Sulphur
  • nitrogen-Sulphur readily and fully available for leaf absorption
  • free from elemental S which is completely unavailable for foliar and root uptake
  • compatible with most commonly used pesticides and NPK foliar fertilizers
  • improves soil fertilizer Nitrogen efficiency
  • increases protein content, e.g. in wheat
  • improves plant health
  • autumn application improves frost resistance


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