Well balanced, highly effective and safe Calcium supply for foliar nutrition of top fruits and vegetables, significantly enhancing shelf life and fruit quality.



% w/w g/l
10 N Nitrogen 160
15 CaO Calcium 240
2 MgO Magnesium 32
0.05 B Boron 0.8
0.04 Cu Copper 0.64
0.05 Fe Iron 0.8
0.1 Mn Manganese 1.6
0.001 Mo Molybdenum 0.016
0.02 Zn Zinc 0.32

Key Benefits

  • bio-effective additives for weather-independent uptake of calcium and all other nutrients
  • especially developed for foliar nutrition
  • calcium supply plus foliar nutrition with nitrogen, magnesium and a high micronutrient content
  • significantly higher calcium efficiency than traditional single calcium salt sprays
  • high crop safety
  • has none of the disadvantages of common calcium sprays such as phytotoxicity at certain stages of growth, temperatures, or unsatisfactory compatibility with pesticides
  • fully chelated cationic micronutrients for excellent absorption and translocation in the plants
  • can be applied with all usual HV and LV (LV: up to 5 % of concentration) spraying and sprinkling equipment
  • compatible with most commonly used pesticides


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